Lasa Supergenerics Limited, India’s Leading API Manufacturer, announced that it has filed suit for permanent injunction restraining infringement of its patent.

Lasa Supergenerics Limited (herein referred to as Lasa) has filed a suit for Permanent injunction restraining infringement of its Patent, Tortious interference, Confidential Breach and Misuse of information, unfair trading etc. rendition of accounts and damages in respect of Indian Patent no. 326628 in respect of an invention titled “AN IMPROVED PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF METHYL 5 (PROPYLTHIO)-1H-BENZO [D] IMIDAZOL-2-YLCARBAMATE”,which protects the process for manufacture of aproduct named Albendazole, filing aimed to prevent the unauthorised use and disclosure of the confidential information owned by Lasa, to prevent the acts of interference in the business activities, to prevent interference in contractual obligations, to prevent the inducement and incitement to then contractual employees, unfair trading before the Commercial Division of
the Hon’ble Bombay High Court against Lohita Lifescience Pvt Ltd and others.

Commenting on this development, Dr. Omkar Herlekar, Chairman & Managing
Director, Lasa Supergenerics said:

This could be yet another milestone for Lasa, as it may restrain its competitors from manufacturing and dealing in one of the key product and enables the company to continue its leadership for its key products worldwide.

We continue to keep close watch against offenders and are prepared to fully approach
relevant authorities so that to keep our market share sustained.

Further Lasa is also seeking ad interim and interim reliefs pending the hearing and final disposal of the suit and claiming an amount of Rs. 3,00,00,00,000/- (Rupees Three hundred crores only) as compensation for loss of business opportunity and customer at large scale globally.

Lasa files another Suit for permanent injunction against one of its competitors.