Rakuten Travel Xchange selects RateGain for Expanding Global Reach

RateGain Technologies, a global provider of SaaS solutions for travel and hospitality, today announced that Rakuten Travel Xchange (RTX), the global hotel connectivity and travel technology division within the Rakuten Group has chosen RateGain, to add to their extensive global supply including top hotel chains. The connectivity through RateGain is aimed to help Rakuten’s customers’ get a wider access to properties worldwide and have more choices on the platform.

As the number of cases worldwide continues to plummet after the Omicron wave, travelers have a high intent to travel and Rakuten Group wants to ensure that travelers are able to make the right decision by getting a wide range of options on the platform as they make international travel plans for the first time in two years.

Commenting on this development, Anna Tsujihata, Head of Hotel Contracting & Connectivity, Rakuten Travel Xchange Pte. Ltd. said, “Our mission is to accelerate the global expansion of Rakuten’s travel vertical, and we are seeking partners that can enhance direct relationships with accommodation partners to expand the distribution of our existing contracted inventory. We believe RateGain’s vast network and similar global approach will help us to further expand our supply and demand partnerships by providing an easy and efficient entry to partners looking to work with Rakuten.”

RateGain’s Distribution platform is one of the largest network of hotel properties and demand partners like Rakuten in the world. Through this network,hotel properties and chains can get access to over 400+ channels including top-tier OTAs, meta-search engines and GDSs, and demand partners can get access to over 191,000+ properties. The distribution platform improves both effort and cost efficiency in connecting multiple partners and serves as a key link for the industry to drive more bookings faster.

Adding on top of Ms. Anna Tsujihata’s comments, Kamesh Shukla, Executive Vice President – Asia Pacific, Middle East at RateGain, said, “We are in the most exciting phase of human evolution. Everything has been put back in order by the pandemic. Customer behavior has taken a massive shift. Companies like Rakuten Group, who are present at both extremes, have a clear advantage as they are looking to solve an the challenges of tomorrow with technology and we are proud to be part of that journey.”