Sona Comstar launches “Motor T” family of motors and controllers 

Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd (Sona Comstar) has introduced its next generation of motors and controllers, Motor T with optimised controller family. Sona Comstar’s ‘Motor T with optimised controller’, with next generation technology, has the highest efficiency (96%), power and torque density in 48V category in the world. The base variant of Motor T family is designed to achieve the best combined performance in both power (more than 1.1 kW/kg) and torque density (more than 7.5 Nm/kg) along with 96% efficiency in a single motor.

Other variants in the Motor T family include Motor T (HS) that has a whopping 14kW peak power under 10kg with 96% efficiency meant for high speed two wheelers, and Motor T-72 with a massive 12.5kW peak power and more than 8kW continuous power with a weight under 10kg in 72V with 96% efficiency, meant for high speed and long-range two wheelers.

Sona Comstar also takes great pride in introducing the rare earth-free Motor T-REF with 5kW peak. Motor T-REF uses ferrite magnets and eliminates the use of Neodymium magnets.