Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited have announced an interim dividend of Rs. 2 per share (200%) for the financial year 2021-22. The company had announced a full and final dividend of Rs. 1.25 per share (125%) for the previous financial year.

The company had earlier made a decisive investment in its distillery business at its distillery unit
in Dwarikesh Nagar (DN) which has now been debottlenecked to produce 162.5 KLPD of industrial
alcohol. The company is presently engaged in executing a 175 KLPD distillery project at its
Dwarikesh Dham (DD) unit which is expected to be commissioned by the end of first quarter of
the next financial year. The setting of new distillery will be a new milestone in the history of the
company as its operations will be seamlessly & optimally integrated. Setting up of new distillery
will improve the sales mix, as it will result in moderation of sugar production while enhancing
ethanol production and thus help augmentation of its top-line & bottom-line.

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd. declares interim dividend of Rs 2 per share (200%) for FY22