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The Board of Directors of the Company have given approval for incorporating a Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) in the name and style, ‘SWELECT RE Power Private Limited’ {the name availability of which has been confirmed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Office of the Registrar of Companies, Central Registration Centre vide letter dated 7.4.2022) and the WOS will engage in setting up of solar power plant once the proposals received from industrials consumers have been materialized and electricity generated by the WOS will be sold to industrial consumers around Tamil Nadu based on the requirements of the respective consumers. The Board also approved the investment of Rs.1.00 lakh in the Equity Capital of the said WOS.

The Solar Power Plant will be set up under Captive Use Scheme through Intra State Open Access System. Listed below, the key approvals that are required to set up a Solar Photovoltaic Plant.

  • Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited (TANGE0CO), Government of TamilNadu.
  • Chief Electrical Inspectorate General (CEIG), Government of Tamil Nadu.
SWelect Energy Systems Limited incorporates a wholly owned subsidiary