Mahindra CIE Automotive Limited, Q4 profit doubles to Rs 1614.29 millions

Mahindra CIE Automotive Limited, a multi-technology automotive components supplier announced its quarterly results.

Revenue from operations grew by 25% to Rs 25883.61 millions from Rs 20641 millions in previous quarter.Profit After Tax doubled to Rs 1614.29 millions from Rs 802.26 millions, a growth of 101%.

Q4 Earnings of Mahindra CIE Automotive Limited
Mahindra CIE Automotive Limited

EBITDA grew by 47% to Rs 2969.30 millions in Q4 from Rs 2022.03 million in Q3 of FY22.

Mahindra CIE Automotive Limited

EBITDA & Profit Margin was at 11.47% & 6.24% in Q4FY22 respectively. EPS or Earning Per Share doubled to Rs 4.26 from Rs 2.11 in March ended quarter.