Semiconductor Technology

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) estimated , global semiconductor industry sales totalled $555.9 billion in 2021, the highest-ever annual total and an increase of 26.2% compared to the 2020 total of $440.4 billion. The industry shipped a record 1.15 trillion semiconductor units in 2021, as chip companies ramped up production to address high demand amid the global chip shortage.

Semiconductors are the key components in every electronic system that includes smartphones, personal computers, Laptops, Communication and networking systems, medical equipment and Automobiles. Emerging technologies and applications in the areas of 5G communications and Artificial intelligence are further fuelling the growth. Semiconductor industry will benefit from the ongoing innovation and development in connectivity, data centres, communications, automotive, safety & security, infotainment, navigation, home automation, wearable devices, etc, will continue to see growth in the coming decades.

Moschip Technologies continues to focus on Semiconductor / Embedded design services, Turnkey ASIC solutions, Semiconductor IP (Intellectual Properties) and IOT projects which have been enabling steady and sustainable growth.

Consolidated Financial performance

FY22 vs FY21

  • Income from operations increased from Rs 105.19 crores to Rs 147.64 Crores an increase by 40%
  • EBIDTA increased from Rs. 8.66 crores (8.1%) to Rs 23.43 crores (15.8%), an increase by 2.7 times.
  • PAT increased to Rs 6.45 crores (4.4%) as against net loss of Rs. 9.15 crores(8.5%), positive swing of Rs. 15.6 crores

Q4 FY 2022 vs Q4 FY 2021

  • Income from operations increased from Rs 30.17 crores to Rs 37.41 Crores and increase by 24%
  • EBIDTA increased from Rs. 3.43 crores (11.3%) to Rs 6.30 crores(16.8%), an increase by 84%
  • PAT increased to Rs 1.01(2.7%) crores as against net loss of Rs. 1.13 crores(-3.8%), positive swing of Rs. 2.14 crores

Moschip’s steady growth even during the COVID situation gives the company a solid foundation in terms of head-count, expertise, IP and geographical locations and the ability to address the emerging opportunities across the world. Moschip has built a solid track-record in taking both semiconductor and electronic products from specification to production and its unique capabilities in mixed-signal and high speed interface IP, positions the company to address the growth opportunities in semiconductor and ESDM sector. In addition, the recent announcement of silicon proven 8G high speed interface, HSSTP interface IP and other strategic initiatives helping the company to address emerging opportunities in the industry.

Moschip Technologies, a semiconductor startup announced 40% increase in income