Indian Pharmaceutical Market (“IPM”) for April 22 & May 22 has shown de-growth of -9% & -6%. Whereas, Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Alembic”) has shown a de-growth of -8% & -12% respectively due to Anti-infective segment having higher base in April 21 & May 21 (Second Covid wave effect) which got normalized in current year April 22 and May 22.

Alembic‘s Branded Business Ex-Azithromycin has shown growth of +8% & +14% in April 22 & May 22 respectively (v/s IPM de-growth of -9% and -5% ex of Azithromycin)

Alembic’s speciality segments continue to show a robust momentum on the back of enhanced operational momentum and strong new product launches.

Indian Pharma market registers degrowth according to IQVIA data