Tata Group selects RateGain to make AirIndia Globally Competitive with Real-time Pricing
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RateGain, a global provider of SaaS solutions for travel and hospitality, announced today that Air India, the flagship carrier of India owned by India’s largest conglomerate the Tata Group has selected RateGain’s – AirGain product to dynamically adjust prices with real-time, accurate, and high-quality airfare data to compete globally with leading airlines.

As a flagship carrier, Air India offers connections to close to 90 destinations to over 30 countries across Asia, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia operating one of the largest domestic and international networks in the world. It maintains a fleet of 113 aircraft operating over 500 daily flights.

As fuel prices and inflation continue to increase costs for airlines, travelers are becoming cost conscious and looking for the best airfares. This pressure on costs as well as traveler preference is creating a need for pricing data that will allow Air India to accurately understand market shifts, monitor competitive strategy and understand the right price each time.

AirGain offers actionable insights to quickly react to market price change and stay ahead of the competition through its scalable and intuitive analytical capabilities. Airlines gain competitive intelligence by analyzing market data in real-time. In addition, AirGain’s ability to track historical trends and track fare changes on the most-profitable routes makes it easy for Revenue and Commercial teams to stay on top of every market development.

AirGain is an innovative SaaS-based airfare pricing intelligence product designed to enhance the revenue & operational efficiency of the airlines. it offers vital pricing insights & real-time competitive intelligence data that would enable the airlines to come up with a robust revenue strategy with latest market insights.