Brightcom Group, the leader in AdTech & Digital Marketing Industry, has announced on setting up a Quantum Computing Innovation Lab in collaboration with Qulabz Inc.

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Brightcom expects this initiative to power its growth in the coming periods by significantly enhancing its technological edge. As per ‘Boston Consulting Group’, Quantum Computing could create a value of $850 billion, across industries: Optimization – $220 billion, Machine Learning-$220 billion, Simulation – $330 billion, and Crypotography – $80 billion.

Further to Brightcom’s announcement in August 2022 to enter the ‘Quantum Computing’ domain, the company today announced the setting up of a Quantum Computing Innovation Lab in collaboration with Qulabz with facilities that enable cutting edge experimentation in this domain.

The company proposes to set up a Quantum Lab, under a joint branding and ownership as ‘Brightcom Qulabz Innovation Labs’ for enabling creation of a Quantum AI team with technical and operational support to create applied AI and Quantum AI solutions and products.

The above mentioned ‘Brightcom Qulabz Innovation Labs’ will broadly include lab interior, clean room, optical tables, and other lab equipment related to conducting research in applications of Quantum Computing.

It represents the next frontier for technological innovation for Brightcom Group. With Mr. Nixon Patel on the advisory board of Brightcom Group, this collaborative effort will be a jump-start for the company’s Quantum Computing venture. This Innovation Lab, will be state-of-the art, with cutting-edge Quantum Simulators, Networks, Equipment, etc. and would be located at Hyderabad, India.

Mr Nixon Patel has 30 years of stellar expertise in innovating, scaling & growing sunrise tech businesses in areas of Quantum Computing, Voice & Digital solutions, etc. He is considered as an expert in the field of Quantum Computing, Data Science & AI. He has completed his Master of Business & Science (MBS) in Analytics, Rutgers University, NJ and Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of T echnology (NJIT), NJ and undergrad from IIT Kharagpur. He is also an Adjunct Professor at IIT Hyderabad in AI & EE Department, appointed to ISO Quantum Computing International Standards Working Group (2018), also appointed to InterMinisterial committee on Quantum Communications by Govt. Of India DoT (2022).

Brightcom Group Announces ‘Brightcom-Qulabz Innovation Labs’ for Quantum Computing

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